Is there an age-limit on submissions?

Can I submit work if I don’t live in Rye?
Yes, as long as you live within a 15 mile radius of Rye you can submit up to two non-member’s pieces.

What kind of artworks do you accept?
Works in painting, sculpture, graphic arts, mixed media, photography and free-standing ceramics are all admissible.

Can I submit a giclee print or a reproduction of an original work of art?
No. We do not accept copies or reproduced editions of original drawings or paintings.

All original prints, including those digitally produced, must be numbered in editions. (a digital print is only considered an ‘original print’ if it was created by the artist to be realised specifically as a print in this specific format).

How many works can I submit?
Non members may submit up to two works for 2D artists, and up to three works for 3D artists (free standing ceramics etc) at a fee of £10 per artwork.

What is the maximum size for works on the wall?
Please try not to exceed 12 square feet or 1.5 square metres including frame. If your work exceeds this size, it will be hung only at the discretion of the Hanging Committee.

Do I have to frame my wall art?
Yes, in the majority of cases work must be framed. However the committee may consider canvases where the edges of the unframed work are visible.

Should I put hanging rings on the back of the frame?
Yes. All work for hanging must be submitted with D-rings only. This is to prevent damage in store.

What do I need to bring with me to the ‘hand in’?
Please remember to bring:
Your artwork – one piece of work.
£10 for the submitted piece
Page one of the application form (please make sure you complete both top and bottom parts)
Page two: the completed authorisation of collection form.
A stamped, self-addressed C5 envelope.

Can I deliver work on any other day than the ‘hand in’ date?

How should I label my work?
All wall artwork must come with two labels. One, which is attached firmly to the back of the work, the other, which should be attached with a string long enough to hang over the front of the picture. This is for cataloguing when the work is on the wall , so all the information must appear on the hanging label..

Pottery and 3-D work must be clearly labelled on each item with the artist’s name, the title, description, medium and price.

What details should I include on my labels?
You must include the title, price, medium, and the name and address of the artist. Printmakers and photographers should include details of the availability and price of any unframed prints on the hanging label. The artist’s name should be written on the application form in the same manner as it will appear on the exhibition label.

How do I know if my work is selected or not?
After the selection committee have made their choices, everyone who submitted work will be informed whether the work has been accepted for exhibition or not, using your stamped, self addressed envelope.

How do I get my unselected work back?
You can collect works, which have not been accepted for the exhibition, only on a certain day. We will show this here near exhibition times, otherwise please check by contacting us.

Does the Society take a commission on sales?
Yes, there is a charge of 35% on any sales made during the exhibition whether made by the society or by the artist.

Can I submit a work for exhibition if I do not want to sell it?
No, all work must be for sale.

Can I remove a work from the exhibition once the exhibition has started?

Why do I need to fill in an authorization of collection form?
This is for your security. It means the society will not give out any unselected or unsold piece of work unless an individual has proof that they delivered it. If you would like someone else to collect any of your unselected or unsold work, please make certain that they have the form with them.

What if someone puts a deposit on my work but doesn’t pay in full?
In that case the work will be returned to the artist only, with full details of the outstanding transaction so they can follow it up.

Do I need to insure my work?
Artists must be responsible for insuring their own works against loss or damage. The society, whilst taking great care of work submitted, will not be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred during the exhibition or in transit.

If my work has been exhibited but hasn’t sold, when do I collect it?
Please collect between 11- 1p.m. on August 31st.

How does the hand in and selection process work?
All works for submission must be handed in on the same day and at the time specified because that is the only time the volunteers are there to unwrap and collect your work.

All submissions are then carefully stored until the selection takes place. Selection for the exhibition is decided by a committee of members which changes every year and their decision is final. The Hanging Committee will then endeavour to place all selected works within the constraints of the space available and the compatibility of the works. You will be informed if your submission has been successful or not, using the self addressed evelope you supplied. Non selected work can be collected before the show opens on the specified day on the submission form. Please remember to bring the collection form when you pick up the work so the society can release the work. We will not release the work if you or an authorised person does not bring this release form.

Selected work is then hung or displayed in the gallery. The information you supply on the front, hanging label will be that which is used to catalogue and price the work, so please makes sure both the labels you supply are accurate.

If your work sells during the exhibition the society charges a commission of 35%. If your work does not sell, you must collected it on the date specified (or ask someone else, who is prepared to pack it, to do so). Again this is the only time the volunteers are there to return you work.

Good Luck with your submission.