Michael B White

“Travelling the world in search of exotic locations, his pictures capture the essence of far-away places: the lush delights of South America, the strange beauty of the mountainous landscapes of Australia and New Zealand or the paradisiacal magic of tropical islands.

Back home, he discovers a similar rich vein of inspiration and, unlikely as it may be, often as much colour in quiet places in England. Though it is easy to respond to the immediate charm of the seemingly spontaneous splashes of vibrant colour that characterise much of Michael’s work, we should not forget that these landscapes, still-lives or lavish depictions of flowers, always so full of painterly energy, are also underpinned by precise observation, a sense of formal values and a concern for careful technique honed over many years of artistic endeavour.”

Stephen Calloway. Historian and Curator of Prints. Victoria and Albert Museum.

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